Services & Rates

We provide loving, personal care for your pet(s) at home, where they are happy, safe and comfortable while you are away. Whether your pets need a visit in the middle of the day or you need to utilize our full range of services, our goal is a happy, well loved and cared for pet while you are gone. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service that caters to all types and sizes of animals…from hamsters to horses. Just let us know what will make them happy, and we will take care of the rest!

Our priority is to personalize every visit to you and your pets’ needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.


Standard Visits 

30 minutes: $18 per visit for one pet 

$1 added for each additional pet

Deluxe Visit

45 minutes: $26 per visit for one pet 

$1 added for each additional pet

Luxury Visit

60 minutes: $32 per visit for one pet   

$1 added for each additional pet   

Medications (Per Pet, Per Visit)

Topical/Pill/Drops: $2

Injections: $5


$70 in your home (includes breakfast)

$75 in the sitters home for one pet

$85 in the sitters home for two pets

One Visit Only             

 $20 (unless booking regularly)

special short visits          

15 minutes: $16 for up to two cats

20 minutes: $17 short midday walk

House visit (no pets): $16

Special Packages include puppy packages, dog walks & potty breaks.

Key Drop off/Pick Up: $10 each way

Holiday Rates: $5 goes directly to the sitter

New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas



Pet Sitting Services

Loving Attention

Taking Dogs Outside

Entertaining/Playing with your Pets

Fresh Food & Water

Dog Walking

Changing/Cleaning litter boxes

Giving Pet Medication

Personalized Care

Morning, Afternoon or Evening Dog Walks

Household Services

Turning Lights On/Off

Opening & Closing Blinds

Watering House Plants

Bringing in Newspaper/Packages

Setting House Alarms

Watering Front/Back Porch Plants

We are available 365 days of the year. Providing quality care and love for your pets is our first priority.

Call: 704-364-PAWS (7297) or Email